/single house, madrid-spain, direct commission

/Basing in:
_Architectural elementary principles [flexible, nearby and effective space
harmonized by the control of the light and your perception].
_Architecture constructed well, for today and forever, choice of materials unique
and adapted for their use.
_Structure coherent and clean, walls and slabs of an alone material [concrete],
which award an aspect of volumetric continuity, with a volumetric exact porosity
to Fitted to the necessary relations in the interior and with the exterior.
_Architecture nice and effective with passive measures versus solutions active.
Promoting the efficiency of form updated by means of mechanisms that do the
pseudo-intelligent house, offering a nice architecture to the user.

execution 2012-2014
direct commission private
team project Isabel Ramos, Florencio Sotos, Eduardo Gonçalves
civil engineers José Luis Guitérrez Málaga, María Cruz Argüeso Chamorro


In progress

single house, madrid-spain, direct commission 2012-2014, built.
auditorium, alhama de murcia-spain, international competition first prize 2009-2010, project.
tourist house, rada de haro-spain, direct commission 2005-2007,built.

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